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Janelle | 19 | Canada
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This blog is an assortment of my likes, my fandoms (incl. Supernatural, Shameless, Teen Wolf, etc...), personal posts, pretty dresses, beautiful places. It is not one thing, nor is it the other. It is me.

Vancouver, B.C.




1. Girl by Jim Sturgess
2. Budapest by George Ezra
3. Skipping Stone by Good For Grapes
4. Salt & The Sea by Gregory Alan Isakov
5. Get Hurt by The Gaslight Anthem


2014 Reading Challenge

Janelle has read 21 books toward her goal of 52 books.

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i’ve not been on here very much at all lately. but the good news is i’m actually doing really well in school. who would have thought that if i didn’t spend all my time on tumblr i could actually succeed


Got my nails done yesterday and I love em. Won’t be a regular thing though cause damn it was expensive


Not everybody wants something from me, Mick!


I do homework the way guys fall in love with me - slowly, then not at all

as a white person i can say this i was holding my rifle in my garage door wide open when the cops drove by the cop only waved at me if i had been a shade darker he wouldnt have kept driving i hate being called the spolied white girl but i know i am and i can say this i admit it and i would give it all up i would be homeless in jail or even dead if it could be we are all equal no matter . on anon because i dont want hate saying you dont understand because there right i dont — Anonymous


You should not let people put you down for being white, that’s not okay, it’s not your fault minorities are systematically oppressed. The color of your skin should not matter, racism is such a stupid concept and we all suffer from it, black people, hispanic people, white people, humans. If you know you’re a good person and you don’t have a hateful state of mind and you’re aware of the problems we face in society as a culture than you are a good person, your skin color will never define you.



still doing shit

pretty ‘n pale