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Janelle | 19 | Canada
INFP | Erudite
This blog is an assortment of my likes, my fandoms (incl. Supernatural, Shameless, Teen Wolf, etc...), personal posts, pretty dresses, beautiful places. It is not one thing, nor is it the other. It is me.

Vancouver, B.C.




1. Girl by Jim Sturgess
2. Budapest by George Ezra
3. Skipping Stone by Good For Grapes
4. Salt & The Sea by Gregory Alan Isakov
5. Get Hurt by The Gaslight Anthem


2014 Reading Challenge

Janelle has read 21 books toward her goal of 52 books.

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2014 was one of those years that started out like “THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!!!” and its halfway through and we have a war going on, a deadly disease has been spread, countless shootings have happened, racism is alive, more people have been leaving living things inside of hot cars, and robin williams is fucking dead

82-83/?? of Jensen at cons ♥˞(∀`●)

People tell me I look mournful. They say, “Cheer up, Dan, it’s not that bad!” Sometimes I just look into space, which freaks people out. If I was ever required to do anything other than look haunted, I could. I’m a happy person.

I think I did very well on my exam today! I was only stuck on around 5 questions, all of which I had narrowed down to two possible answers, and eventually chose the answer I thought (hoped) was best. Looks like actually studying is a great way to feel confident and not stressed while taking an exam. Who would have thought…

In love with this lip colour! “Strange Marc” by Marc Jacobs


girls dont want boys, girls want an acoustic performance of centuries by fall out boy